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2 years ago

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After parting with my partner in August 2004, life was a bit boring, have tended to drown myself in work and decorate my house empty... an invitation to attend a New Year party. Kamen and a 22 00 the clock and it was good, lots of alcohol and noticed many unaccompanied women. I, a woman who lived a few doors away, she was always very smart 65, was office manager of retirees, whose husband was out amadorastube of this world five years ago. She came to me and started talking, like you, everything and nothing. For the first time I saw him up close, long dark hair, very pretty face... his eyes were deep and her large breasts with large nipples. Her figure was trim and her ass was under a tight pencil skirt well. Black high heel complements the computer control. amadorastube She was 25 years older than me, but.. I had the horn.. You look amazing night, I said.. thank you and saw the bulge in my pants.. immeadiatley I saw her face, licked her red lips and gently wispered.. amBe... I almost shot my load. A midnight, grabbed me, wishing me a Happy New Year, kissed me and told me to meet him outside his house in 20 minutes. expected, while walking amadorastube with his driving was overwhelming and she was in a very playful mood. We went in they told me that fit.. While walking stairs.. 5 minutes later reappeared wearing only white underwear, bra and a new lipstick. She has asked me to undress, making New Year to do correctly, he said. Once naked, she made me lie on the floor and close your eyes... I felt his mouth move slowly on my cock, not your hands to his lips and tonge licking the shaft and then between my legs and kissed my balls.. and then gently suction time n . I amadorastube started to cum before she laughed and said I was 3 years as milk tested.. that they had my shaft and slowly amadorastube masturbated amadorastube me both ways to bring more value to the top.. swallowed. I started to finger her pussy was soaked, but it was so dense and very dense, whether orNo more than an hour, suddenly t agos amadorastube her bra off her big tits huge big nipples were so soft, it rolled on her back spread her legs and said fuck me, but little by little as I want to enjoy the dick. I fucked her for a long time, which kept coming and the floor was a laundry with courage and piss.. it was a dirty speakers and loved.. amadorastube We got in and out all night... 65, was very fit, but so elegant and your hands when everybody was screwing me. A we all spent the New Year's Day in bed.... that brilliantly with his mouth and hands, I've never been before........ During the months came and played with time moved into my house, but had his own room for privacy.. or a break. At Easter, a friend of hers, Janet came with us to stay, amadorastube for which he received the third bedroom. Janet was amadorastube divorced, the use of 68 to run a pub, but now he was enjoying life in the Cotswolds. was beautiful sweet face, with a cheeky sense of humor. The first night at dinner I made ​​some comments regaingd Pat and how she looked, and I have!. Janet had a big ass no tits but long legs. Pat was accoding care they need.... currency fell! went to about January 00 clock out of bed.. Pat knew he was hot and my cock felt proud when I'm out of the bathroom. As they were put under the blanket and took her hand began to stroke cock and balls, kiss slowly down to my penis and took it all in her mouth... Her pussy was over my face, I raised my head and started licking her pussy wet, ran, she amadorastube was really sucking my cock precum was flowing, I put two fingers in his hole and pushed to the edge of your ass laughed, she.... Suddenly the door opened and Janet was naked in.... I can have if you want, but kind amadorastube of the 5 years since I was fucked up.... slipped into the bed and joined Pat immeadi
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